Here are some of my projects to ensure a city government of the People, by the People, for the People of Anaheim for 2019. I will not wait to get to work. As an Independent candidate, I’m here to get the projects ready. I am committed to moving our cities, counties, and state forward!

California is considered the fourth most popular state to film in, according to Forbes magazine. As we all know, our movie industry sustains an enormous amount of jobs and related revenue. As your next mayor of Anaheim, I am committed to collaboratively working with other California mayors to make our great state the capital of movie production again. So what can we do to reclaim our title as America’s film industry mecca? For starters, let inspire our local students to explore, learn, and create. This is one reason of many why I created a dedicated internet presence called California.Productions at

It is time for a unified currency called the American or the “Americnao” for the entire western hemisphere; North America, Central America, and South America. Because we are all Americans. Diversification of our local and state economies by responsibly, efficiently, and cost-effectively deploying key technologies will drive investment and job creation.

I created CALIFORNIA Computer to be an open, dedicated and exploratory internet space to promote, expand and support artificial intelligence for California. AI or artificial intelligence is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres collectively.

As an Independent mayoral candidate for the city of Anaheim, I am committed to exploring, designing and beta testing bold, modern, and much-needed innovative initiatives like CALIFORNIA.AGENCY. As a native Californian, born in San Diego, I am passionate about improving the health, vitality, and security of our cities, counties, and state.

Department of Technology
I founded the website Department.Technology as a dedicated internet space to inform, promote, and support my personal initiative for the creation of an independent governmental technology agency at the local, state and federal level.

I am proud to be the first candidate running for elected office in United States history to build a Chinese language website with a Chinese character internet address. As your next Mayor of Anaheim, I feel it is imperative our students have the opportunity to learn the Chinese language. Likewise, I will actively invite investors and businesses for cross-cultural investments here in California and in China. It’s time for China to invest in California, and likewise, it’s time for California to invest in China.

California Academy
To ensure smaller class sizes, modernize our schools with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, and expand school choice for parents and kids with charter schools and school vouchers!

California Restaurant
Welcome to California Restaurant, my initiative to promote, support and empower our California restaurants with AI (artificial intelligence). AI is disrupting every sector of our society, such as our economy, workforce, government, and academia just to name a few. I am committed to streamlining restaurant applications so they can promptly open for hiring people, increase sales to generate a sustainable revenue for our local municipalities, counties, and state to adequately rebuild our schools, roads, electrical grid, and hire more first responders like police and fire.

To encourage all mayoral candidates, regardless of political party,  to genuinely debate our Constitutional Right to Life (14th Amendment) for our soon to be born children.

To guarantee a well-informed electorate to adequately deter domestic and foreign illegal electioneering.

Elections Services
To make Anaheim a national role model for election reform by bringing reliable, efficient and modern elections services to Anaheim voters.

Elections Email
A dedicated, secure and easy-to-use email service for Anaheim voters to receive election services, and to get accurate, timely and impartial information on all the candidates.

Anaheim Email
Having a dedicated Anaheim Email system for residents, businesses, and city workers will modernize city services for residents, establish credibility and branding for our local businesses; and ensure genuine transparency and real-time accountability. I look forward to learning from your questions, and suggestions.

Anaheim Beer
I created Anaheim Beer for our breweries to have a dedicated internet space to promote, support, and expand our burgeoning Anaheim beer industry that is profitable for investors, beneficial for Anaheim job creation and collaboratively ensures a healthy tax revenue growth for our city.

According to some estimates, Anaheim is 50 percent Latino. As your next Independent Mayor, I will proudly serve and represent all of our residents. Therefore, I created a Spanish language campaign site for our Anaheim residents that use Spanish as a first language. As your next Mayor, I will diligently work hard to hire more police officers to remove violent, dangerous, and repeat offenders from our neighborhoods. Likewise, I will vigorously work to protect our families unity, documented and undocumented. I am establishing a new political party called M.A.R.I.A. (Movimiento-A la-Reforma-de-Inmigración-Adelante.), translated into English as Movement to Reform Immigration Foward. M.A.R.I.A. also represents my proposal to replace our Monroe Doctrine with an emphasis on security, prosperity, and peace in our hemisphere.

As a Christian and educator, we have a solemn unspoken oath to protect our children, our students, our mothers, and fathers. As an educator that has personally lost my at-risk students to innercity violence, I know this is what my students would want me to do, as they look down from Heaven at my actions, prayers, and campaign.

As a candidate for elected office, I have sworn to defend our United States Constitution, that I take very seriously. I look forward to sharing when, why, where and how my M.A.R.I.A. political party will promote hemispheric security, prosperity, and peace that is in our nation’s best interests.