Recently a journalist from our  Orange County Register named Alicia Robinson emailed a questionnaire to all the Anaheim mayoral candidates. Here are my answers I submitted for our Orange County Register Anaheim mayoral questionnaire, limited to a 75-word reply.

Pensions: Communities across the state are grappling with rising pension and other post-employment benefit costs. What do you think needs to be done to deal with this problem?

Functional insolvency, bankruptcy paired with reduced vital services like resources needed for public assistance, welfare, recreation, libraries, health, public works, social services, and public safety await Anaheim and other California cities if rational pension reform is not discussed and solved. I agree with Judge Christopher Klein, that despite the “California rule,” federal law could allow bankrupt cities to reduce benefits. California taxpayers had enough; it’s time for genuine pension reform. Right To Work for everyone!

Gas tax: On the ballot this November, voters will be asked to decide on whether to repeal the recently enacted increase to the state gas tax. What is your position on the gas tax?

California’s state gas tax is more out of uncontrol tax imposed on the sale of fuel that hurts everyday families, businesses, and job growth. Indeed Anaheim benefited with $28.6 million (40 zero-emission buses, a total project cost of $45,201,000); An excessive gasoline tax burden will harm investment and innovation statewide and exacerbate severe financial wrongdoing. California spends $84,005 per mile to maintain highways, compared to a national average of $28,020. Smaller government, less taxation now!

Rent control: The high cost of housing in California has spurred increased interest in rent control. On the ballot, this November is Proposition 10, which would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act. What are your thoughts on rent control?

Proposition 10 will significantly worsen California’s housing crisis statewide for our families, veterans, and seniors. Landlords will convert rental units to Airbnb. Coincidentally Airbnb is headquartered in San Francisco, which ranks as one of the most unaffordable cities in the United States. We deserve genuine solutions that guarantee rent relief, promote tax credits for renters, new bonds to encourage public funding for affordable housing construction thereby demanding our cities to build more affordable housing statewide.

Marijuana: Proposition 64 authorizes the legalization of marijuana while granting local jurisdictions the authority to approve or deny certain marijuana-related businesses. What are your thoughts on marijuana legalization to date and what do you think of your own community’s policies on marijuana?

I support Proposition 64 (Adult Use of Marijuana Act) as a consistent tax revenue stream. A cultivation tax of $9.25 per ounce for flowers, $2.75 per ounce for leaves, 15 percent tax on the retail price of marijuana, and local governments being permitted to levy taxes on marijuana will increase much-needed revenue collection. In summary, the legalization of the possession, cultivation, and sale of marijuana will decrease crime, increase tax revenues collections, and expand trade.

Sanctuary city: Senate Bill 54 limits the role of state and local law enforcement in enforcing federal immigration laws. The law has drawn legal challenges from some localities which want the flexibility to work with the federal government. What do you think of SB54?

Since the founding of our country, we have been and will continue to be a “sanctuary nation.” Our diversity is our strength. As mayor, I will keep our families united, documented and undocumented because I support our Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clauses, Title VI Civil Rights Act of 1964. I am proud to be starting a new grassroots political party called MARIA, Movimiento-Al-Reforma-Inmigración-Adelante, which aspires to advocate Pro-Life ideals, legalize Spanish, & ensure immigration reform.

What are your top two priorities if elected?
My two top priorities if elected as Mayor is to put God first by governing with our power of prayer to inspire the Holy Spirit for our families, schools, and city. Secondly, to genuinely modernize Anaheim by deploying AI (artificial intelligence), robotics (automation), next-generation 5G technology, smart energy, transportation, data, infrastructure, mobility, and IoT devices, complemented with my school technology reform initiative called California Academy that promotes ASPIRE (Artificial Sciences, Philosophy, Internetworking, Robotic Engineering).

How can the relationship between Anaheim and its largest employer, Disney, be improved, and should any kind of tax incentives to encourage developers to be an option?

I am a supporter of tax incentives to encourage entrepreneurs to invest their money, time and projects in Anaheim that will, in turn, drive job creation, grow tax revenue for our city, and build up our infrastructure to further encourage future investment and prosperity from additional entrepreneurs. Therefore, I will foster a friendly, successful, and mutually beneficial business environment for Disney and other businesses to continue to invest, prosper and hire more people in Anaheim.

Should the city be looking for new revenue sources to address residents’ needs and increasing costs, and if so, what are your ideas? If not, where do you think the budget could be cut to avoid a deficit?

New revenue sources are urgently needed. Genuine diversification of Anaheim’s economy will ensure new, sustainable and much-needed revenue sources. For a successful diversification of our economy to work, a real-world dedication technology know-how for promoting, designing, building and sustaining a bold city modernization initiative will be crucial. Investment in our AI (artificial intelligence), robotics (i.e., automation), and fiberoptic internet infrastructure upgrades will be the three primary building blocks to jumpstart diversification of our economy citywide.