Fuji is committed to empowering Anaheim residents like you, and this is why Fuji created an easy to use email system for you to directly contact him regarding your concerns, expectations, and suggestions at

Contact us today to volunteer to help elect Fuji as Anaheim’s first Asian American mayor. Fuji is the only candidate in California and the United States that writes his code to build his apps, construct web pages and run his servers. Innovation and investment is and will continue to be driven by technology, here in Anaheim, California and around the country. Fuji was previously a candidate for California governor in 2018 and for Congress in 2016. Both times he challenged both Democrats and Republicans on livable wages, immigration reform, and job creation. Fuji is here for you and our families, and not for a political party, unions, special-interest groups, lobbyists or foreign agents.

Presently Fuji is the only Independent self-funded mayoral candidate in California. We’re not here to ask for money from hardworking Californians like you. We are here to return our city government to what it was meant to be; a representative government moved, inspired and guided by the people like you. Vote Fuji on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018, for an Anaheim city-government of the People, by the People, and from the People!

Please email all questions, comments, and suggestions:

Also, you may call or text message your questions, comments, and suggestions at: