MARIA – Movement to Reform Immigration Foward


According to some estimates, Anaheim is 50 percent Latino. As your next Independent Mayor, I will proudly serve and represent all of our residents. Therefore, I created a Spanish language campaign site for our Anaheim residents that use Spanish as a first language. As your next Mayor, I will diligently work hard to hire more police officers to remove violent, dangerous, and repeat offenders from our neighborhoods. Likewise, I will vigorously work to protect our families unity, documented and undocumented. I am in the early stages of establishing a new political party called M.A.R.I.A. (Movimiento-Al-Reforma-Inmigración-Adelante.), translated into English as Movement to Reform Immigration Foward. Continue reading “MARIA – Movement to Reform Immigration Foward”

How to stop information warfare, also known as fake news?

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

As an Independent candidate on the ballot for Anaheim Mayor for our Municipal Elections for November 6th, 2018, I recognize, understand, and accept what I say, write and declare will be a matter of official and public record. Precisely because of what I state is official and public record, I and my fellow mayoral candidates Ashleigh Aitken, Lorri Galloway, Rudy Gaona, Tony D. Martin, Harry Sidhu, Cynthia Ward, and Robert Williams are running for elected office, that at the time of filing our nomination papers with Anaheims City Clerk, we all voluntarily swore to defend our United States Constitution, which also implicitly implies defending our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.

Also, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, I feel compelled not to remain silent on what I see, hear, and think that undermines, threatens and weakens our United States Constitution. Carefully crafted fake, deliberately misleading and intentionally incomplete news coverage that is intended to favor, benefit, and reward a particular political party over another opposing political party is equally as dangerous to our way of life, liberty, and democracy as carefully crafted, deliberate and intentional foreign propaganda designed for ulterior motives. Information warfare is continually evolving, technologically adapting and improving in quantity and believability. Fake, misleading and intentionally incomplete news manufactured domestically directly undermines, threatens and weakens our democracy, liberty, our way of life, and hence our very United States Constitution by sabotaging our election process to remain free, fair, transparent, accurate and accountable.

For several years there has been a concerted effort by select politicians, certain news outlets and government agencies within the USA to confuse, misinform, and deceive the American public on the Syrian Civil War that started in 2011. There are many self-serving reasons why select politicians, particular news outlets and select government agencies within the USA would willfully mislead, intentionally misinform and blatantly lie to our American public like you and me, our brave women and men in uniform, and to the rest of the world. From President George Bush’s WMD (weapons of mass destruction) deceit campaign to the United Nations and the American public that precipitated the $1.7 trillion Iraq War (Reuters) to Presidents Obama’s and Trump’s deliberately, carefully, and dangerously manufactured allegation of chemical weapons use inside Syria by President Bashar Assad, the fake news or information warfare, is ongoing and continuous.

It is a moral imperative for all patriotic candidates like myself and others to do our part and speak out against carefully crafted fake, deliberately misleading and intentionally incomplete news coverage such as the chemical weapon use inside Syria that implies, accuses and manufactures culpability to President Bashar Assad, and to the governments of Syria and Russia. It is my official statement that Russia, the Syrian government, and Syrian President Bashar Assad would not conceal, manufacture or use chemical weaponry since the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons began on 14 September 2013, coordinated by Ambassadors Sergei Lavrov (Russia) and John Kerry (USA). To be sure, in a religious civil war like Syria, both sides are guilty of war crimes, atrocities, and genocide. Nevertheless, Syria, Russia, and Iran would not use chemical weapons inside Syria, for one very simple fact; they are winning a conventional war of attrition against a lesser armed, ill-equipped and less motivated force. By all military logic, chemical weapon use will be used by all likelihood, probability, and reasonable by armed forces hostile and in opposition to Russia, the Syrian government and President Bashar Assad.

Presently, at the time of this writing, September 10th, 2018, the militaries of Syria, Russia, and Iran have been on an absolute offense with conventional forces and weapons on the Syrian province of Idlib to decisively end the Syrian Religious Civil War that started in 2011. The Syrian government, Russia and Iran have no logical interest in offering other foreign powers like the USA and the EU as a pretext or reason to attack Syria by using chemical weapons on or near Idlib.

Here are some a key facts to remember regarding the Syrian Religious Civil War and why the Syrian military would not manufacture, conceal, or use chemical weapons on the Syrian city of Idlib.

1.) Russia’s has consistently supplied, train, and resupplied enormous quantities of conventional arms like tanks, aircraft, ships, missiles, artillery, and combat gear since the start of the Syrian Religious Civil War to forces loyal to President Bashar Assad, thereby proving beyond any reasonable doubt, any logical, rational, and practical reasoning not to manufacture, conceal or use chemical weapons on or near Idlib.

2.) If President Bashar Assad and the Syrian government defeat the armed forces in Idlib with overwhelming conventional forces, the Syrian Religious Civil War is for all intense and purposes will end in favor for the Syrian government led by President Bashar Assad, Russia, and Iran.

3.) A victory for the Syrian government led by President Bashar Assad would facilitate, expedite, and compel Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Russia to begin construction immediately of a lucrative transit pathway from Central Asia to export gas, oil, and energy to Europe and globally. Competing nations wanted to use Afghanistan and Pakistan to transport Central Asia’s enormous proven gas and oil reserves, and this is no longer practical, safe and reasonable due to the instability of the region.

Summary, the Syrian government led by President Bashar Assad and the has overwhelming conventional forces supplied from Russia, widespread popular support at home (from both Muslim and Christians) is consistent. Carefully crafted fake, deliberately misleading and intentionally incomplete news coverage alleging chemical use attack by Syrian government forces near or in Idlib will be just that, fake, deliberate, and intentional to create a false flag operation just like the WMD of 2003 with the invasion of Iraq. It’s time to keep our brave women and men in our US Armed Forces home with us. It’s time to spend trillions of US Dollars here at home in Anaheim, California, and for the rest of our great nation on our schools, roads, bridges to create more jobs. The Iraq War was started by a fake, deliberate, and intentional false flag operation that cost our nation in treasure and blood beyond description. Our brave women and men in our Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force all deserve better leadership from all of us as candidates and elected officials.

Our first President, George Washington,  warned us of regionalism, partisanship, and foreign entanglements. As an Independent candidate, I will be that Mayor that transcends Democrat or Republican partisanship. As a fellow native Californian, I work hard as a patriotic American to deter foreign entanglements as much as I can as a private citizen. I look forward to working hard keep all of Anaheim as well informed as possible.

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God Bless our Republican President Trump (Donald J. Trump) and Democrat Governor Jerry Brown (Edmund Gerald Brown Jr.)

Fuji Shioura
Independent Anaheim Mayoral Candidate for 2018

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California Mom

As your next Mayor of Anaheim, I am excited, dedicated and ready to work hard for our California moms like you. In an increasingly interconnected, interdependent, and ever-evolving global marketplace, economy, security, and governance, many elected officials forget, neglect and ignore how important our mothers are for society. Also as a Pro-Life Mayoral candidate for elected office, I passionately believe that pro-life candidates like myself need to aspire to a higher standard of policymaking that is genuinely transparent, legally accountable and profamily oriented. Continue reading “California Mom”

Anaheim Education Reform

Anaheim Education Reform
Ballot initiative proposal to empower the Anaheim Mayor with mayoral control and accountability of our public schools.

Smaller Class Size
The most efficient, practical, and immediate way to ensure smaller class sizes is by fast-tracking charter school openings.

Consolidate Anaheim School Districts into a single school district. Anaheim is served by seven public school districts:

Anaheim is home to 84 public schools, of which 46 serve elementary students, nine are junior high schools, fourteen are high schools and six offer alternative education; Anaheim Elementary School District, Anaheim Union High School District, Centralia School District, Magnolia School District, Orange Unified School District, Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District, and Savanna School District.

Potential schools to be unified are:
Anaheim Elementary School District
Anaheim Union High School District
Centralia School District
Magnolia School District
Savanna School District


Mayoral Governance and Student Achievement

Our Mission

Many people I have met while campaigning, have shared their heartfelt concerns that our city mayoral leadership, past and present, does not adequately reflect the makeup of our diverse population. This glaring inequality, in turn, compounded a citywide culture of workplace inequity gaps that prevented us from fulfilling our potential.

Genuine equity is a strategic imperative for our city, state, and national economy. Our cities and states are breathtakingly becoming more culturally, linguistically and economically diverse. Our global economy is getting ever more interconnected.

My mission is to provide transparent, accountable and modern executive leadership, as well as set priorities and goals for the City of Anaheim and our neighborhoods.

In the coming days and weeks, I will share my mission on how to drive investment and innovation. With different investments and changes, we will accelerate job creation, fast-track more charter schools openings to ensure smaller class sizes. Having a more robust and sustainable revenue stream we thereby can higher more Police and Fire personnel to ensure public safety, personally, make Anaheim a Smart City of the future to ensure prosperity for residents, and so much more!

I invite you to join me to make this journey of exploration, learning, and prosperity. I cannot do it alone, I want, need and look forward to hearing from you for advice, comments, and participation in Anaheim the City that Works!

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  • Anaheim Garden Walk Improvement Proposal: Anaheim GardenWalk is the perfect location for entertainment, shopping, dancing, and dining, all within walking distance of the Disneyland Resort. An estimated 2 million nearby residents are nearby like Fullerton, Irvine, and others.
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  • Anaheim Education Reform: 
    Small Class Sizes, Mayoral Control, and Accountability of Schools
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  • Anaheim Public Safety: 
    Hire more Anaheim Police Officers, 4 Year Plan, and 8 Year Plan
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29th Harvest Crusade Angels Stadium

Founder of

I created Mayor.Life for a dedicated Intenet space for candidates running for elected office, regardless of party affiliation, to temporarily put our campaign, personal, and political differences aside, so we can unite to promote, support and expand our Constitutional Right to Life for our soon to be born children. I hope and pray my fellow mayoral candidates Ashleigh Aitken, Lorri Galloway, Rudy Gaona, Tony D. Martin, Harry Sidhu, Cynthia Ward, and Robert Williams to join me in prayer at our 29th SoCal Harvest in promoting, supporting and expanding our Constitutional Right to Life for our soon to be born children. I invite my fellow mayoral candidates to meet me on the field at our Angeles stadium so we can all be brothers and sisters in Christ. I look forward to praying with you!

Admission Free (stadium charges $15 to park)
Translations Spanish, Sign Language
Gates open Fri/Sat: 5:00 PM, Sun: 4:00 PM
Event begins Fri/Sat: 7:00 PM, Sun: 6:00 PM
Event ends Fri/Sat: 9:15 PM, Sun: 8:15 PM

In summary, Ashleigh Aitken, Lorri Galloway, Rudy Gaona, Tony D. Martin, Harry Sidhu, Cynthia Ward, and Robert Williams; we may be political opponents, but we are never opponents to accept a higher calling, for all of us are children of God, and our Creator is waiting for us, to all become more Christlike by becoming sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ, Our Lord, and Saviour. Elections come and go, Salvation is for eternity!


How can all of us as voters and candidates proactively counteract, lessen and deter foreign interference in our elections?

I created Mayor.Live to promote, support and expand vigorous, civil and regular mayoral candidate debates online for voters get to really know their candidates and their positions on the pressing issues of our time. Constant, pervasive and intentional domestic and foreign illegal electioneering has been occurring and will continue to occur. It’s time to put patriotism first and not partisanship. By having all of our mayoral candidates participate on Mayor.Live, regardless of party, income, and race, we are building a more informed electorate, that in turn will lay the foundation for more representative, functioning, and resilient democracy to withstand illegal electioneering. Voters like you and me, regardless of political beliefs,  have a basic human right to know if candidates are Pro-Life, Democrat, or Republican. Continue reading “MAYOR.LIVE”

8 Year Anaheim Police Department Plan

As your next Mayor of Anaheim, I take the enormous privilege of representing our city’s finest heroes in uniform with unconditional humility, respect, and reverence. My job as Mayor will surely be difficult, challenging, and rewarding; but it will not be as dangerous, physically demanding and emotionally taxing as our city’s finest in uniform have to endure every day, every night and every holiday serving and protecting all of us 365 days a year. We all owe a debt of gratitude to our brave women and men in our Anaheim Police Department for running towards danger, without hesitation, to protect our families, children, and communities. Continue reading “8 Year Anaheim Police Department Plan”