About Fuji

Hello, my name is Fuji Shioura, and I am your Independent candidate for Anaheim Mayor on November 6th, 2018. I am the only candidate for Anaheim Mayor with real-world experience in critical technologies affecting our city, state, and country, such as internetworking, artificial intelligence and more. Like the technology sector, I will move fast and hard as your next mayor of Anaheim. I am not your traditional establishment insider candidate. I aspire to be the most forward-thinking, genuine and sincere candidate for Anaheim Mayor for you and our city. I have family and friends that are Republican and Democrats. I am neither because I am an Independent here to get the job done!

So allow me to share some of my expectations, goals, and solutions for you and our families in the most forward-thinking, genuine and sincere way for our great city of Anaheim. Because the election for Anaheim Mayor will be an election that will decide to vote for doing business as usual or disrupting the entrenched special interests status quo establishment of the two-party monopoly of Democrats and Republicans.

I believe in the Constitutional Right to life for our soon to be born children and expectant mothers. I am Pro-Life because for me the right to life for our soon-to-be-born children is a fundamental civil right. I created www.mayor.life, a dedicated Internet space for mayoral candidates to work together to promote pro-life city ordinances. As your next mayor, I will protect all of our civil rights.

I also believe and know, that Disney can become an incredible, responsible and courageous corporate citizen by paying a livable wage of $18.00 an hour. Disney can become an exemplary example of a multinational company that is socially responsible. I believe Disney is in the unique fiscal position to pay $18.00 an hour to their cast members, and still make a significant profit for their shareholders, which Disney is legally obligated to do. To be clear, as your next Mayor I will diligently work with Disney to encourage a livable wage increase, but I will not coerce, force, or threaten a valuable company like Disney to pay more than what Disney shareholders decide to spend on their cast members. Disney is a company that produces cable television, publishing, films, music, video games, amusement parks, broadcasting, radio, web portals; As Mayor, I will not allow government overreaches like anti-business ballot initiatives to harm, obstruct or hinder internal affairs, daily operations and hiring of a multinational company like Disney. As Mayor, I will draft city ordinances to make Anaheim the most business-friendly place to start and grow a business to drive job creation, investment and revenue. It’s time to make Anaheim a Right-To-Work city!

I am a dedicated charter school advocate to promote smaller class size, school safety and to give parents like you a choice where to send your kids to school. I believe a parents zip code, race, and income should never determine the quality of education for our kids. In 2014, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla pulled his five kids out of their prestigious school for gifted children and launched the Ad Astra School. If Ad Astra is good enough for his kids, then it’s good enough for your kids. As Mayor of Anaheim, I will fight for parents to have that choice of sending your kids to a public school or a charter school of your choice.

I believe our city, county, state, and country, is a better place because of our diversity. I am proud to be a native Californian born to an immigrant father from Japan. Our city, county, state, and country has been and will continue to be a nation of immigrants.

I am also the only mayoral candidate with real-world experience with AI (Artificial Intelligence), computer programming and internetworking, the backbone of our Internet. Networking is critical because AI combined with robotics will soon disrupt society to create sudden displacement in jobs, our economy and society if not adequately addressed. It is so important to have a technologist like myself in elected office that genuinely understand the magnitude of the impact Artificial Intelligence and robotics will have on our city, county, state, and country in the coming months and years.

As you can see, I am not a traditional, politically correct, or establishment insider candidate. I will move fast and hard to get the job done, and I will be very, very vocal to ensure Anaheim residents like you are well-informed of what is happening in our city. I am here to disrupt our city government to stop doing business as usual. I will modernize Anaheim to become the smart-city of the future that will improve the quality of life for residents, drive investment, and create new jobs. I will upgrade our city government from top to bottom, to guarantee absolute transparency and genuine accountability like never before in our city’s history. It’s time to diversify our local economy, and it’s time to modernize our entire city.

Just as important, I am proud to be you. An ordinary person just like you trying to do the most extraordinary act; to return our city government to what it was meant to be, a representative form of government moved by the people. I have family and friends that are Republican and Democrat alike. I will treat all my family, friends and fellow citizens, documented and undocumented, as fellow Californians first.

To reiterate, I am also an advant-garde technologist, coder committed to modernizing our city, government and our schools. I founded the California Academy of Artificial Sciences at www.california.academy. I will promote, support and expand AI in our schools through the digital arts. More on that later because I want to tell what I will do on day one as your next mayor of Anaheim.

On day one, as your next mayor of Anaheim, I will relocate our mayor’s office from the seventh floor in City Hall to the first floor so Anaheim residents like you can have reasonable access to our city council members and me. As Mayor of Anaheim, I will talk to you, not down at you. I will ensure our city government is genuinely transparent and legally accountable to Anaheim residents questions, concerns, and expectations.

I will on day one start to draft city ordinances for public review to modernize, update and amend our Anaheim City Charter to ensure a representative form of city government that our voters want, our democracy deserves, our economy needs to grow and prosper.

The first city ordinance I will personally make on day one will be for all city council members and mayor, to take an oath, affirmation, and promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, under the penalty of perjury at the start of every public Anaheim City Council meetings. This way I as Mayor and our City Council will be encouraged to answer your questions from Anaheim residents like you truthfully. A deliberate intent by a mayor or city council member to make a false and misleading statement to an Anaheim residents’ questions can no longer be accepted as doing business as usual.

Furthermore, I am committed to collaboratively working with our school districts in making smaller class sizes a reality for our students, teachers, and families by opening more charter schools in Anaheim. I will also urge our school districts to have their school district office relocate to our City Hall or relocate inside one of their schools in their school district to start to genuinely listen, understand and learn what students, teachers, and staff want and need to educate our kids adequately. I will also work with parents like you to use the vacated school district offices for fast-tracking new charter schools openings.

I will also address head on the crucial issues like the out of control higher cost of living, a livable wage, job creation, homelessness, immigration, crime, public health, and so much more. My name is F-U-J-I, and I am your self-funded Independent candidate for Anaheim Mayor, and I am here to get the job done!