MARIA – Movement to Reform Immigration Foward


According to some estimates, Anaheim is 50 percent Latino. As your next Independent Mayor, I will proudly serve and represent all of our residents. Therefore, I created a Spanish language campaign site for our Anaheim residents that use Spanish as a first language. As your next Mayor, I will diligently work hard to hire more police officers to remove violent, dangerous, and repeat offenders from our neighborhoods. Likewise, I will vigorously work to protect our families unity, documented and undocumented. I am in the early stages of establishing a new political party called M.A.R.I.A. (Movimiento-Al-Reforma-Inmigración-Adelante.), translated into English as Movement to Reform Immigration Foward. M.A.R.I.A. also represents my proposal to replace our outdated Monroe Doctrine with an emphasis on ensuring security, prosperity, and peace in our hemisphere that in turn will adequately reflect our national interests of security, prosperity, and peace.

While some may say we no longer use the Monroe Doctrine, in essence, we still do in our Latin American foreign policy. For example,  our United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM), in Doral, Florida, is one of ten Unified Combatant Commands (CCMDs) in our United States Department of Defense. In addition, our United States Southern Command is responsible for contingency planning, operations, and security cooperation for Central and South America, the Caribbean (except US commonwealths, territories, and possessions); therefore our Area of Responsibility or AOR consists of 32 nations (19 in Central and South America and 13 in the Caribbean), of which 31 are democracies and 14 U.S. and European territories. As you can see our immigration and hemispheric national interests are multifactorial, complicated and interdependent on one another. I will explain in greater detail in another posting why immigration reform is interdependent with our hemispheric security, prosperity, and peace, and how my MARIA initiative will enhance, ensure and promote our national interests. 

Furthermore, as a Christian and educator, we have a solemn unspoken oath to protect our children, our students, our mothers, and fathers. As an educator that has personally lost my at-risk students to innercity violence, I know this is what my students would want me to do, as they look down from Heaven at my actions, prayers, and campaign. I will do what is right, just and Constitutional, and not what is politically correct, self-serving and convenient.

As a candidate for elected office, I have sworn to defend our United States Constitution, that I take very seriously. I look forward to sharing when, why, where and how my M.A.R.I.A. political party will promote hemispheric security, prosperity, and peace that is in our nation’s best interests.

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