Our Mission

Many people I have met while campaigning, have shared their heartfelt concerns that our city mayoral leadership, past and present, does not adequately reflect the makeup of our diverse population. This glaring inequality, in turn, compounded a citywide culture of workplace inequity gaps that prevented us from fulfilling our potential.

Genuine equity is a strategic imperative for our city, state, and national economy. Our cities and states are breathtakingly becoming more culturally, linguistically and economically diverse. Our global economy is getting ever more interconnected.

My mission is to provide transparent, accountable and modern executive leadership, as well as set priorities and goals for the City of Anaheim and our neighborhoods.

In the coming days and weeks, I will share my mission on how to drive investment and innovation. With different investments and changes, we will accelerate job creation, fast-track more charter schools openings to ensure smaller class sizes. Having a more robust and sustainable revenue stream we thereby can higher more Police and Fire personnel to ensure public safety, personally, make Anaheim a Smart City of the future to ensure prosperity for residents, and so much more!

I invite you to join me to make this journey of exploration, learning, and prosperity. I cannot do it alone, I want, need and look forward to hearing from you for advice, comments, and participation in Anaheim the City that Works!

More information is coming soon!


  • Anaheim Garden Walk Improvement Proposal: Anaheim GardenWalk is the perfect location for entertainment, shopping, dancing, and dining, all within walking distance of the Disneyland Resort. An estimated 2 million nearby residents are nearby like Fullerton, Irvine, and others.
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  • Anaheim Education Reform: 
    Small Class Sizes, Mayoral Control, and Accountability of Schools
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  • Anaheim Public Safety: 
    Hire more Anaheim Police Officers, 4 Year Plan, and 8 Year Plan
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