California Mom

As your next Mayor of Anaheim, I am excited, dedicated and ready to work hard for our California moms like you. In an increasingly interconnected, interdependent, and ever-evolving global marketplace, economy, security, and governance, many elected officials forget, neglect and ignore how important our mothers are for society. Also as a Pro-Life Mayoral candidate for elected office, I passionately believe that pro-life candidates like myself need to aspire to a higher standard of policymaking that is genuinely transparent, legally accountable and profamily oriented.

With the statewide out of control cost of living and decreasing purchasing power becoming more acute, profound and dangerous for our California families, we need immediate solutions. The economic, social and health challenges for our single mothers are particularly worrisome for all of as a city, state, and country. I propose all candidates come together to hold multiple public forums on how to adequately address the challenges our California moms are confronting. Solutions like having a city-wide hiring practice of reaching out to single mothers for employment is just one of many proposals I am encouraging.


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